I Love You, Roz!

Photo by C.Valdez on Unsplash

I discovered Roz soon after I joined Medium in April of this year.

We have a lot in common:

  • She’s a woman of a certain age, so am I
  • She’s a mother and a grandmother, so am I
  • She likes dogs, me too!
  • She likes to make people laugh, I love to laugh!

Reason enough to love her but this story goes further.

In August, Roz posted an article telling her followers that Chicken Soup was open for submissions. Among other things, they were looking for cat stories.

I just happened to have one!

Roz had included a link for submissions but in my excitement I missed it. Instead, I went directly to the publisher's site and pressed send.

Well, here’s where it starts to get interesting.

Ten days later I got an e-mail:

Dear Dr. Greenwood,

I hope this email finds you well.

It is company policy that the editorial board considers a work to be a full manuscript if it is at least 20,000 words.

We are still interested in your work, and if you can expand upon your work or if you have more stories that you can compile into a collection, we encourage you to send it to us as a Word or PDF attachment in a response to this email.

We look forward to receiving your completed manuscript.

Kind regards,

Emma McKee

Assistant Acquisitions Editor

I was gobsmacked. Someone in publishing had actually read the story and, from the sounds of it, liked it!

I just happened to have a manuscript — only 11,000 words but decided to take a chance and send it.

Ten days later a second email.

Dear Dr. Greenwood,

Thank you for your submission of your work “The Lost Art of a Good Ending”.

Your work will now be passed to the editorial department, who will assess your sample.

We appreciate your patience as this can take up to four weeks.

Kind regards,

Michael Powers

Editorial Assistant

Now I’m over the moon. I feverishly pull old stories convinced I’m going to need another 9,000 words within a week.

My brother, an agent in the art world, starts prepping me for Oprah. My
brother- in -law, a famous rock n roller, fusses over my hair and wardrobe.

You more experienced writers can probably guess where this going.

We are now into week seven. My excitement has dimmed, my writing ideas have dried up. My family has stopped calling.

I’m not fully depressed, just nothing.

I ghost through the days trying not to compulsively check my email ( and junk folder — just in case).

I read, write poetry — nothing about animals — saving that for the book!

But, regardless of the outcome, I would never have gotten this far without her!

I love you, Roz!

Veterinarian, wife, mother, grandmother, swimmer. My writing muse has tracked me down.

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