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  • The Introverted Vet

    The Introverted Vet

    Emergency Veterinarian in Australia | Advocating for vet mental-health & public awareness of our industry | @introvertedvett

  • William J Spirdione

    William J Spirdione

    William J Spirdione is a poet who writes sonnets and more about nature and the humans within it.

  • Jim Dutton

    Jim Dutton

    Writer, Musician, Carpenter, Inventor, Entrepreneur

  • Jen Kleinknecht

    Jen Kleinknecht

    Live, think, write, repeat.

  • Jan Sebastian

    Jan Sebastian

    writer By me a cup of coffee Ko-fi.com/jansebastian5419

  • Janaka Stagnaro

    Janaka Stagnaro

    Poetry, parables, articles — spiritual, life-lessons, education, artwork. 9 books. www.janakasartandbooks.com www.mindfulness-meditation-techniques.com

  • Michelle Berry Lane

    Michelle Berry Lane

    Teacher, writer, poet, student, earthling; theopoetic acorn chewer, intent on uncovering meaning

  • Lisa Alletson

    Lisa Alletson

    Poet. Lake lover.

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